Registration is closed, this is a past event.

Fee Structure

Type Early Registration Late Registration
Student $95 $195
Non-Government1 $195 $295
Standard $295 $395

1Organizations that are not a part of a government and are not a conventional for-profit business

Potential Financial Support* (for Students and members of NGOs Presenting Accepted Posters at the Conference)

Limited funds are available to help support students and members of NGOs to attend the conference (free conference registration and up to $250 in travel expenses for students traveling in Malaysia and up to $500 for students traveling outside of Malaysia). To be considered, you must submit a poster presentation as well as provide a PDF containing the below documentation before May 15, 2013.

  • your resume
  • a statement (< 1 page) about why you are interested in the humanitarian sector
  • a transcript
  • a reference letter from an advisor
  • an estimate of your expenses for the conference

*Support covers one conference registration fee (attendee pays upfront and is reimbursed after the conference) for the poster presenter and the above mentioned allowance towards travel related expenses. If the poster presenter does not have valid travel expenses with receipts totaling the maximum applicable allowance, he or she will only be reimbursed for that amount and NOT the maximum. Valid travel expenditures must directly related to attending the conference (airline tickets, lodging, other transportation -> taxis, parking fees, rental car, mileage -> if driving to the conference). Meals and coffee breaks provided as part of the conference will not be covered. The person named as the poster presenter in the online application will need to keep original receipts to submit to a designated conference contact. After this "expense report" is approved, a reimbursement for travel expenses will be processed.