James Wade

Ph.D. Student
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University

James received his BS in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech with a concentration in operations research. His research for the World Food Programme on global and regional supply chain optimization model (under the direction of Dr. Özlem Ergun) was an honorable mention for the (inaugural) 2010 INFORMS Undergraduate Research Prize and second place in the GT-SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) student paper competition. The research used mathematical modeling to show that regional pre-positioning depots and alternative methods of funding procurement were effective tools for mitigating negative effects of donation variability on supply chain efficiency. In 2009 Wade was the National Champion and 1st alternate to the 2012 US Olympic Team in whitewater kayaking. He received a G.F. Amelio Fellowship in addition to a National Science Foundation fellowship. Wade’s primary interests are social applications of optimization and fundamental questions regarding the organization of life and biological systems. His current research involves mathematical and computational modeling and analysis of intracellular biochemical signaling networks. He uses optimization methods to identify model parameters based on experimental data, and after establishing a functioning model, he investigates questions regarding cellular control of cellular fate decisions such as life and death. Optimization is again used to identify potential drug targets and optimal therapeutic interventions in models of diseased cells (i.e. cancer).

Email: wade.jamesd@gmail.com