Rose Arriaga

Senior Research Scientist
Interactive Computing

Dr. Arriaga is a developmental psychologist in the School of Interactive Computing. Her emphasis is on using psychological theories and methods to address fundamental topics of human computer interaction. Her current research interest is in the area of chronic care management. Recently she has addressed some of the following questions: how software solutions can improve asthma management in children, how crowd sourcing can aid individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their caregiver, and how lab-based technologies can be scaled and deployed to broaden their impact. She is interested in test the hypothesis that systems designed with principles of human development and cognition can be effective across different clinical populations simply by altering the content (e.g., from asthma information to diabetes information).

She received her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from Harvard University. She was an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Southern New Hampshire University before joining the faculty at Georgia Tech. She is currently a Senior Research Scientist in Interactive Computing and has been the Director of Pediatric Research at the Health Systems Institute since 2009. In this role, she has forged important relationships with both private and public community partners in the greater Atlanta metro area.