Design of a Centrally Managed Stockpiling System to Support Refugees and IDPs at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Pre-Event Planning
Prepositioning of Inventory Worldwide
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

UNHCR protects refugees and internally displaced persons. Under the current configuration, each field operation sets the number of items to order, and UNHCR’s Supply Management Service (SMS) receives their request and focuses on the procurement and delivery of these items. The project consisted of designing a centrally managed stockpiling system to support refugees aided by UNHCR. Such design includes a location model that determines the optimal number and locations of warehouses, an inventory management tool that determines the amount of relief supplies to be stocked at each warehouse, and an implementation plan. The proposed strategy results in a significant reduction of costs, lead times and stock-outs. *

Project travel supported by the Bradley-Turner Servant Leadership funds from the Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship

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