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Book Chapters

  • T. Ayer, P. Keskinocak, J. Swann, “Research in Public Health for Efficient, Effective, and Equitable Outcomes,” (2014) Bridging Data and Decisions, TutORials in Operations Research, INFORMS, Hanover, 216–239.
  • M. Celik, O. Ergun, B. Johnson, P. Keskinocak, A. Lorca, P. Pekgün, J. Swann, (2014) "Humanitarian Logistics,” New Directions in Informatics, Optimization, Logistics, and Production, TutORials in Operations Research, P. Mirchandani (editor) and C. Smith (series editor), INFORMS, Hanover, 18-49. (Invited and refereed).
  • H.K. Smalley, F. Engineer, P. Keskinocak, L. Pickering, Lasry, M. Washington (2013), “Public Health Modeling at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,” in Operations Research and Healthcare Policy, G. Zaric (editor), International Series in Operations Research and Management Science, Vol.190, 3-16. Springer, New York. (Invited).
  • J.A. Griffin, J. Swann, and P. Keskinocak (2013), “Allocating Scarce Healthcare Resources in Developing Countries: A Case for Malaria Prevention,” in Handbook of Health Care Operations Management, Brian Denton (editor) and F. Hillier (senior editor), Springer, Vol.184, 511-532. (Invited and refereed).
  • O. Ergun, G. Karakus, P. Kerl, P. Keskinocak, J. Swann, M. Villarreal (2012), “Disaster Response Planning of the Private Sector and the Role of Operations Research,” Handbook on Operations Research for Homeland Security, J. Herrmann (editor) and F. Hillier (senior editor), International Series in Operations Research and Management Science, Vol.183, Springer, 197-217. (Invited and refereed).
  • S. Duran, O. Ergun, P. Keskinocak, J. Swann (2012), “Humanitarian Logistics: Advanced Purchasing and Pre-positioning of Relief Items,” Handbook of Global Logistics: Transportation in International Supply Chains (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science), J. H. Bookbinder (Editor), Vol. 181, Springer, 447-462. (Invited and refereed).
  • V. Popescu, P. Keskinocak, I. al Mutawaly (2011) “The Air Cargo Industry,” Intermodal Transportation – Moving Freight in a Global Economy, L.A. Hoel, G. Giuliano, M.D. Meyer (editors), Eno Transportation Foundation, Washington, DC, 209-237. (Invited and refereed).
  • F. Erhun, P. Keskinocak, S. Tayur (2011), “Dynamic Procurement, Quantity Discounts, and Supply Chain Efficiency,” the Handbook on Innovative Schemes for Supply Chain Coordination under Uncertainty, T.M. Choi and T.C.E. Cheng (editors), Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, 219-234. (Invited and refereed).
  • A. Ak, O. Ergun, J. Heier-Stamm, P. Keskinocak, C. Wardell (2010), “Quantitative Models for Vaccine Procurement,” submitted to Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chains: Case Studies and Research Issues, D. Goldsman, P. Goldsman, and S. Kumar (editors), Taylor and Francis. (Submitted in 2009; accepted in 2010).
  • O. Ergun, G. Karakus, P. Keskinocak, J. Swann, and M. Villarreal (2010), “Operations Research to Improve Disaster Supply Chain Management,” Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science, J. Cochran (editor), Vol. 6, John Wiley & Sons, 3802-3810. (Invited and refereed).
  • F. Erhun, P. Keskinocak (2010), “Collaborative Supply Chain Management,” Planning Production and Inventories in the Extended Enterprise: A State of the Art Handbook, K. Kempf, P. Keskinocak, R. Uzsoy (editors), Kluwer Academic Publishers, 233-268. (Invited and refereed).

Refereed Publications

Publications in refereed conference proceedings

  • W. Cao, M. Celik, O. Ergun, N.M. Viljoen, J. Swann (2012), “Keeping it simple in a data-sparse environment: The case of donor breastmilk demand and supply in South Africa,” Proceedings of the 41st Annual Conference of the Operations Research Society of South Africa, Muldersdrift, South Africa. September 16-19.
  • J.A. Carbajal, O. Ergun, P. Keskinocak, M. Stilp, M. Villarreal (2010), “Managing Debris Collection and Disposal Operations,” Proceedings of the Seventh Triennial Symposium on Transportation Analysis (TRISTAN VII), Tromso, Norway, June 20-25.
  • Vats, K. Goin, J. Fortenberry, P. Keskinocak, M. Villarreal, T. Yilmaz (2010), “A Lean Focused Rounding Process in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Increases Efficiency, Optimizes Resources, and Improves Satisfaction.”  Abstract published in the supplement of Critical Care Medicine 37(12): A4, December 2009.
    • 2010 Annual Scientific Award, Society of Critical Care Medicine Congress (39th), Miami, FL, January 9-13.
  • O. Ergun, G. Karakus, P.Keskinocak, J.Swann, M.Villarreal (2009), “Humanitarian Supply Chain Management - An Overview,” in Models and Algorithms for Optimization in Logistics, C. Barnhart, U. Clausen, U. Lauther, R.H. Mohring (editors), Dagstuhl Seminar Proceedings, Schloss Dagstuhl - Leibniz-Zentrum fuer Informatik, Dagstuhl, Germany.
  • A. Ekici, P. Keskinocak, J. Swann (2008), “Pandemic Influenza Response,” Proceedings of the Winter Simulation Conference, Miami, FL, December 7-10, 1592-1600. (Invited paper).


Other publications

  • J. Ahmed, P. K. Bardhan, W. Carter, L. Gonzalez, R. Hall, J. Heeger. L. Ivers, A. Khan, P. Keskinocak, H. Matzger, M. Mengel, D. Nazzal, C. Paradiso, F. Qadri, D. Sack, M. Villareal, S.A. Zahan (2013), “Comprehensive Integrated Strategy for Cholera Prevention and Control,” Coalition for Cholera Prevention and Control, August 2013.