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2013 Health and Humanitarian Logistics Conference

Health and Humanitarian Logistics Conference Mark your calendars and join us for our fifth Health and Humanitarian Logistics Conference on June 4-5, 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is the first time the conference will be held in Asia, where humanitarian response is especially critical. The theme of the conference this year is Adaptive Supply Chains to Increase Resilience. Our goal is to continue to stimulate innovation and build capacity to manage humanitarian supply chains around the world. You will hear from experts from across the health and humanitarian sectors, including the United Nations World Food Programme, World Health Organization, Heifer International, Partners in Health, and other non-governmental organizations, industry, government, etc.
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Professional Education

We are excited to begin our second year of Health and Humanitarian Logistics Professional Education courses. This May, we will offer two courses during the same week so that attendees can capitalize on less travel to/from the courses and focus on an in-depth learning experience. Plan to attend Pre-Planning Strategy for Health and Humanitarian Organizations on May 6-7, 2013 and Tactical Decision Making in Public Health & Humanitarian Response on May 8-10, 2013. This executive learning program is designed for practitioners in non-governmental organizations, government, and industries who are active participants in humanitarian relief operations, long-term health or development environments who are seeking to develop logistics strategies and to build skills to improve decision making in preparedness, response, and system design. A limited number of scholarships are made available through the generosity of The UPS Foundation, Andrea L. Laliberte, and Richard E. and Charlene O. Zalesky, from non-governmental organizations and/or from developing countries.
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Webinar on Health & Humanitarian Logistics Professional Education

In this 38 minute online presentation, you will learn more about the professional education and scholarship opportunities provided by the HHL Center.

Decision Support Tool for Managing Debris

Managing Debris Debris generated by natural disasters can hinder relief efforts, and result in devastating economic, environmental, and health problems. PhD students Alvaro Lorca and Melih Celik together with HHL Center co-directors Ozlem Ergun and Pinar Keskinocak developed a decision support tool to assist disaster and waste management officials with the collection, transportation, reduction, recycling, and disposal of debris. The tool allows optimizing and balancing the objectives of cost, recycled materials obtained, depletion of landfills, pollution generated, and duration of the removal operations, improving decision making in a complex context where experience and intuition are insufficient. Learn more through these videos and

Online Vaccination Scheduler

In collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we have created an online tool that creates catch-up immunization schedules for missed childhood vaccinations. The tool allows parents and health care providers to easily create a schedule that ensures missed vaccines and future vaccines are administered according to approved guidelines.

Managing Blood Collection and Transportation

ISyE Professors Turgay Ayer and Chip White are working with the American Red Cross ISyE Professors Turgay Ayer and Chip White are working with the American Red Cross to model and analyze the blood products collection, production, and inventory system in order to improve system performance and to advance the state of knowledge in the analysis of these models. The desired result is a more cost effective blood products system with fewer stock outs and with a reduced number of blood product units exceeding their shelf life. Such an improvement in the blood products system would contribute to a more effective and less costly healthcare delivery system for the Nation.

Improving Prosthetic Socket for Veteran Amputees

Prosthetic SocketISyE Professors Chuck Zang and Ben Wang are major players in a team that will develop an advanced prosthetic socket system that could offer better comfort, functionality and mobility for military-veteran amputees.
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A New Face of Engineering

Mallory Soldner ISyE PhD student, Mallory Soldner, was selected as one of 2013's New Faces of Engineering for her work to improve efficiencies in world health and humanitarian projects throughout the UN supply chain. Soldner, who also serves as a research assistant for the Center for Health & Humanitarian Logistics, along with the other honorees, were profiled in a special section of USA Today during National Engineers Week, February 17-23.

Best Graduate School

Best Grad Schools 2014The Georgia Tech Stewart School of Industrial & Systems Engineering's graduate program maintained its top ranking once again in the recently released 2014 edition U.S. News & World Report Best Graduate Programs. This issue marks the twenty-third consecutive year that ISyE has ranked as the foremost program of its kind in the nation at the graduate level within industrial/manufacturing/systems engineering category.

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