Below, please find links to conference sessions that were videotaped and are available to the public. Please note that you can either download the video to your computer to view offline (.mp4 files) or view a stream of the video w/o downloading the file (.html files).

Health and Humanitarian Logistics : Transforming Global Health and Humanitarian Systems 
Keskinocak, Pinar; Swann, Julie; Peterson, George P. "Bud"; Schuchat, Anne (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016-08-29)
The aim of the conference is to provide an open forum to discuss the challenges and new solutions in disaster preparedness and response, long-term development and humanitarian aid, and global health delivery.

Health and Humanitarian Logistics - Keynote Interview with Sanjay Gupta 
Nunn, Michelle; Gupta, Sanjay (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016-08-30)

Health and Humanitarian Logistics - Wrap Up - Day 1 
Ergun, Ozlem (Georgia Institute of Technology., 2016-08-30)

Health and Humanitarian Logistics - Panel 1: Strengthening Public Health Systems 
Emrey, Bob; Fitzgerald, James; Galavotti, Christine; Price, Helen Smith; Sienko, Dean; Shapiro, Charles (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016-08-29)
This panel will focus on issues in public health not only related to treating or managing disease but also promoting (e.g., through primary care) and maintaining health. Poverty, ageing population, urbanization, environmental ...

Health and Humanitarian Logistics - Panel 2: Managing Complex Supply Chains in Refugee Crisis Response 
Hapnes, Svein; Wilson, Edward; Zegura, Ellen (Georgia Institute of Technology., 2016-08-29)
The challenges in timely response to the needs of international refugees and internally displaced people include complex political and security contexts, physical movement of the beneficiaries, variable demand patterns ...

Health and Humanitarian Logistics - Panel 3: Matching Supply with Demand in Emergency Response 
Herbinger, Wolfgang; McGhie, John; Parkes, Andrew; Ruiz, Joe; Yadav, Prashant (Georgia Institute of Technology., 2016-08-30)
The challenges in matching supply with demand in the context of disaster response is a much discussed topic with no one easy solution. The unpredictability of the demand, donations, market conditions and unwanted in-kind ...


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