Panel Sessions & Presentations

Get ready to learn and be inspired by our inspiring speakers from the supply chain and logistics world. Each of the three days will see experts, innovators and boundary-breaking pioneers present on Sustainable Local Procurement, Health Supply Chain Capacity Strengthening and ‘Last Mile’ Transportation/Delivery.

We look forward to hearing from Regional, National and International voices from INGOs, NGOs, Universities and Orgs including: field Ready, World Bicycle Relief, Granesh AID, Vietnam, IOM, Bangladesh, Mahidol University, Thailand, Pan American Health Organisation, Surge Ventures

Each panelist will share their experiences and engage in highly interactive workshops to gain an understanding into the challenges faced by logistics and supply chain colleagues in varying contexts.

2021/2022 Topics

  1. Sustainable Local Procurement: focusing on barriers to selling into the public health and aid sectors, working to strengthen policy around local manufacturing, quality assurance challenges, environmental issues and support to local suppliers
  2. Health Supply Chain Capacity Development: highlighting how the current public health and aid systems can better support health service logistics and workforce capacity development in conflict zones, fragile states and developing economies, with a focus on critical delivery mechanisms such as mass vaccination
  3. Last Mile Delivery: showcasing the latest product innovations in transport technology but also ways to address the challenges in accessing remote communities due to poor infrastructure, outdated transport policies and a lack of resources.
  4. Crosscutting Issues: environmental sustainability and benefits of identifying collaborations which have emerged from recent supply chain experiences and how crises have heightened the need to focus on the localisation agenda.

Day 1: Middle East/Africa

Panels Sessions

Sustainable Local Procurement [ PDF Download ]

  • Kat Sellers, Programme Mgr, COVID-19 Response, FieldReady
  • Facilitator: Farah Mazine, Operations Director, Action Against Hunger

Health Supply Chain Capacity Development [ PDF Download ]

  • Dr. Mojisola Adeyeye, Director-General, NAFDC Nigeria
  • Facilitator: Isle Larkin, Supply Chain & Logistics Officer, WFP
  • Facilitator: Sophie Molle, Senior Manager Healthcare Community Engagement, GS1
  • Facilitator: Virginie Bohl, Senior International Expert, IMPACCT Working Group

Last Mile Delivery

The barrier of distance is an under-appreciated hurdle to improved health in rural areas in developing regions. Researchers estimate that 75% of deaths across rural sub-Saharan Africa are related to distance. Patients simply cannot reach health facilities in time, if at all. Health providers are often forced to walk long distances to reach patients, significantly limiting efficiency in patient outreach. Susan Bornstein, World Bicycle Relief will share successful approaches to integrating rural mobility into health service delivery to improve rural access in the last mile to accelerate the progress and magnify the impact of critical healthcare programs.

  • Edward O' Connor, Programme Support Manager, Transaid [ PDF Download ]

  • Susan Bornstein, Global Director, Institutional Partnerships & Influence, World Bicycle Relief [ PDF Download ]

  • Facilitator: Alan Braithwaite, Philanthropist, Trans-India Challenge


Supporting warehouse improvement operations in central medical stores in Togo and Niger

  • Presenter: Dah El Hadj Sidi, Technical Director, Chemonics International Inc.

Virtual Learning for Supply Chain Data Use: Can it Work?

  • Presenter: Brian Otieno, Supply Chain Associate, inSupply Health

Private sector innovation for more effective supply chain partnerships (PSISC): Mozambique transportation outsourcing investment case

  • Presenter: Edward Llewellyn, Supply Chain Technical Director, Africa Resource Centre

Building local capacity in responding to emergencies by training communities and SEs

  • Presenter: Alan Braithwaite, Chairperson, Catalyst 2030 Issue Based Group (IBG) on Disaster Readiness, Response and Recovery

Health supply chain capacity strengthening project, Africa

  • Presenter: Isle Larkin, Supply Chain & Logistics Officer , WFP

Local PPE Manufacturing

  • Presenter: Kat Sellers, Programme Manager, Field Ready

New approach to high quality 3D printing medical equipment, Kenya. Can repond within hours for speciality products, health and educational needs

  • Presenter: John Gershenson, Co-founder, CEO, Kijenzi

Riders for Health: improving access to health care for over 21 million people across Africa

  • Presenter: Andrea Coleman, Co-founder, CEO, Two Wheels for Life

Pay as you go sustainable transport service in Rwanda to support Last Mile deliveries

  • Presenter: Simon Davis, Managing Director Ox

Drone Trial projects for deliveries in Malawi and Vanuatu

  • Presenter: Tautvydas Juskauskas, UNICEF


Day 2: Asia

Panels Sessions

Sustainable Local Procurement 

  • Juliet Bvekwa, Supply Chain Manager, IOM (Bangladesh) [ PDF Download ]

  • Facilitator: Gaynor Tanyang, ACE & DELSA Programme Coordinator, The ASEAN Coordinating centre for humanitarian assistance on disaster mgt. - AHA Centre

Health Supply Chain Capacity Development 

It is imperative to understand national health supply chain ecosystem in order to strengthen its capacity along with evaluating maturity level of Human resources for supply chain (HR4SCM).  A case from Thailand is presented to show key evidence on the need to strengthen both institutional and individual capacities for skilled and empowered personnel. Additionally, recommended interventions and roadmap are demonstrated. Key challenge and opportunity for further enhancement are also discussed.

  • Rawinkhan Srinon, Lecturer in Logistics & Health Supply Chain Management, Mahidol University. Thailand [ PDF Download ]

  • Facilitator: Dr Harlina Suzana Jaafar, Academic Member of National Logs Task Force at Ministry of Transport, Malaysia, University Teknologi Mara

  • Facilitator: Charlie Villasenor, Chairman, PASIA.

Last Mile Delivery

  • Thomas E. Fernandez, Supply Chain and Logistics Practioner and Consultant, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, International School of Management (Bangkok, Thailand) [ PDF Download ]

  • Facilitator: Alan Braithwaite, Philanthropist, Trans-India Challenge

  • Facilitator: Dr Ruth Banomyong (PhD), Lecturer, researcher, and consultant, Thammasat Business School, Bankok


Entution vesta vaccine information management system (VIMS) powering COVID-19 vaccine distribution and administration

  • Presenter: Sanji De Silva, CEO | Director, Bileeta Pvt Ltd

Towards Universal Health Coverage: Strengthening healthcare supply chain resilience to mitigate the impact of epidemic outbreaks [ watch the video ]

  • Presenter: Timna Eckschmid, Research Analyst, Kühne Logistics University

Humanitarian Supply Chain during Pandemics: Preliminary research findings

  • Presenter: Claire Travers, Humanitarian Logistics Association (HLA)

INITIATE - a joint project launched by WHO & WFP for the development of standardized technology solutions for health emergency response (including Oxygen Plant in a box)

  • Presenter: Fiorella Pollo, WFP

Building local capacity in responding to emergencies by training communities and SEs

  • Presenter: Alan Braithwaite, Chairperson, Catalyst 2030 Issue Based Group (IBG) on Disaster Readiness, Response and Recovery


Day 3: Americas

Panels Sessions

Sustainable Local Procurement 

  • Irineu de Brito Junior, Professor of Risk Management, Sao Paulo State University (Unesp), São José dos Campos, Brazil [ PDF Download

  • Facilitator: Andrew Parkes, Global Operations Manager, Malaria Consortium

Health Supply Chain Capacity Development

  • Dr. Sema Sgaier, Co-Founder and CEO, Surgo Ventures
  • Facilitator: George Fenton, Humanitarian Logistics Association (HLA)

Last Mile Delivery

  • Rolando M. Tomasini, Head of Regional Unit, UNOPS
  • Facilitator: Brian Futterman, Pilot, America Airlines


Aviation and Humanitarian Logistics: Key findings from three disaster-prone regions

  • Presenter: Cindy Rocha, Capabilities Development Manager, Airlink [ PDF Download ]

EPSA’s journey: becoming a data- and performance-driven organization that is geared for future international quality certification

  • Presenter: Clinton De Souza, Managing Partner, Celsian Consulting [ PDF Download ]

Humanitarian Community of Practice: A Solution-Oriented Collaboration at the Peak of the Pandemic

  • Presenter: Nadia Olsen, Senior Technical Advisor, John Snow Inc [ PDF Download ]

Using ships to supplement fuel supplies on islands for disaster recovery [ watch the video ]

  • Presenter: Vahid Eghbal Akhlaghi, PhD candidate in Business Analytics, The University of Iowa

Fleet Management as an enabler for improved health care services

  • Presenter: Walter Fallas Bonilla, Fleet Manager, Costa Rica Red Cross

Entution vesta vaccine information management system (VIMS) powering COVID-19 vaccine distribution and administration

  • Presenter: Sanji De Silva, CEO | Director, Bileeta Pvt Ltd

Strengthening State Warehousing Systems through infrastructural upgrades; practical solutions towards achieving equitable access to medicines and health commodities [ watch the video ]

  • Presenter: Zachary Gwa, Regional Director (West & Central Africa), Akesis Health

Global Health Commodities Supply Chain in the Era of COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges, Impacts and Future Prospects; A systematic Review

  • Presenter: Zelalem Tilahun Mekonen, Assistant Professor, Addis Ababa University


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