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Call for Presentations

The organizing committee is pleased to announce the open call for Presentations at the 12th annual Health & Humanitarian Logistics Conference (HHL) happening VIRTUALLY! The 2020 HHL Conference will explore challenges and solutions for building efficient and effective supply chains for health and humanitarian challenges. Particular topics of interest include partnerships, innovative uses of data or technology, and creating sustainable supply chain systems.

There are 3 different types of presentation opportunities for the 2020 event (described further, below): collaborative workshops, oral presentations and poster sessions. Presenters may select multiple categories as options for a talk, and if organizers are unable to accommodate a given format, we may suggest that submitter consider a second option (such as presenting a poster if an oral presentation may not be scheduled). 

Submissions will be accepted through Friday, September 11th and the first round of accepted presentations/workshops/posters will be notified starting, September 1st, with other notifications within a week following submission. You may register for the conference before finding out your presentation status if you prefer. Instructions for each type of presentation and submission process is below. Please e-mail Soribinta Diallo with questions about submissions directly at

All Participants Must Register.

What To Expect as a presenter is shared below and soon we will also share video tutorials on navigating, structuring, and creating an engaging sessions as a presenter.

Collaborative Workshops

Collaborative Workshops are 60-min interactive presentations led by several collaborators, including at least one representative from a non-governmental organization/UN Agency, or government. Several parallel workshops will take place during the hour block session. Workshops should focus on interaction with the audience, including the use of case studies, application of practical solutions, discussion questions, etc. For examples of past workshops, please click on the year: 2019 (Kigali), 2018 (UAE), 2017 (Copenhagen), 2016 (Atlanta), 2015 (Johannesburg), 2014 (Mexico City), 2013 (Kuala Lumpur), 2012 (Hamburg), 2011 (Atlanta), 2010 (Atlanta), 2009 (Atlanta, premiere).

In the virtual setting, workshops will take place in a Zoom Meeting format which gives you access to breakout rooms, chatting, sharing screen and more. We are recommending the use of MURAL  application to make you session as engaging as possible. Remember to utilize our SLACK channels to keep the conversation going well after your session ends. More information on accessing these platforms will be shared in your acceptance email.

Propose a Workshop

Oral Presentations

Presentations will be 20-min (including LIVE Q&A). Your presentation should be at most 15 minutes and be pre-recorded to ensure we stay on schedule and offer a seamless experience. The organizing committee will group presentations into topic “tracks,” and 2-3 different video presentations will be displayed consecutively within a 60-min block sessions leaving time for all questions at the end, where the presenters should be available and answer in real time. A typical presentation will describe the problem and the solution implemented by a specific organization(s). There may be multiple presenters, but the group must conform to the allotted time. The presentations should not be geared at an academic audience, but should focus on collaboration with government and non-governmental organizations and have practical relevance.

In the virtual setting, oral presentations will take place in the Zoom webinar format which enables attendees to listen in more intently. Chat will likely be disabled, but you will be able to share screen if time permits and receive questions through either unmuting an attendee to speak or having them submit questions through the Q/A feature. Remember to utilize our SLACK channels to keep the conversation going well after your session ends. More information on accessing these platforms will be shared in your acceptance email.

Propose an Oral Presentation


Poster sessions will feature posters relating to research, new projects or solutions in health and humanitarian logistics. Poster presenters will be asked to “present” his/her poster to attendees that will randomly enter into the presenters zoom meeting room during multiple time slots on Days 1, 2 and 3 of the event (dates and time slots are provided in the agenda)

In the virtual setting, poster sessions are still meant to feel fluid and informal like an in person conference. Each poster presenter will have their own Zoom Meeting room which gives you your own time and space to share your work, as well as chat and network. We ask that you be present at each scheduled session to share a pdf or PPT image of your poster  (that you can share in under 2 minutes). Anticipate that you will need to state this information repeatedly as people join your room and ask questions.

Due to the informal networking nature of poster sessions, we ask that you DON'T record your session or display prerecorded material during your session. If you would like us to display a recording of your poster presentation (less than 2 minutes) on the webpage for anyone who might miss your session we would be happy to do that.

Remember to utilize our SLACK channels to keep the conversation going well after your session ends. More information on accessing these platforms will be shared in your acceptance email.

Review the Poster Presentation Guidelines

Please submit a Poster Proposal from this page AFTER reviewing the poster guidelines.

Propose a Poster Presentation

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The Health & Humanitarian Conference series is organized each year by the Center for Health and Humanitarian Systems (CHHS) at Georgia Tech in partnership with INSEAD, MIT, and Northeastern University, with generous support from corporate and other organizational sponsors.

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