November 29, 2016

REGISTRATION is now available online to enroll in the 2017 certificate program (May 8-13th) for professionals from companies, government and military, NGOs, academia and other organizations active in health and humanitarian logistics. There are a limited number of scholarships for practitioners working at NGOs and in developing countries. See the link included for details.

Teresa M. Finley, Chief Marketing and Global Business Services Officer at UPS, speaks Wed, Sept. 14th, as part of the IMPACT Speaker Series at the Scheller College of Business on the global and social impact of UPS as a leader in Logistics.


The goal of this event is to identify important trends in healthcare systems and design, the future of health systems ecucation, and opportunities for collaboration. The event will include a keynote presentation, two plenary panel sessions, and presentations and posters by alumni on new research.

Research teams analyzed six years of Medicaid claims for every child in ten U.S. states and found that healthy children are 50 to 60 percent of the total cost in the Medicaid system in GA. 

Dr. Anne Schuchat, Principal Deputy Director at the CDC, and Michelle Nunn, CEO at CARE USA, to share on global health and humanitarian systems response and development in areas such as health emergencies and refugee crisis management.

Professors Pinar Keskinocak and Julie Swann, co-directors of the Center for Health & Humanitarian Systems (CHHS) and professors in the Stewart School of Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISyE) have been honored with George Tech’s 2016 Steven A. Denning Award for Global Engagement.

Experts, policy makers, researchers, and decision makers share research, new challenges, and current efforts for improving disaster response from pre-planning to mitigation.